I almost hit a wall. A post. Those big island pavements that split the roads into two. Two seconds. That’s all it took for me to take my eyes away from my driving; maybe because it was late, maybe I was exhausted. I was out of body for two seconds and then, there was a post, an island, a huge chunk of formed cement right in front of my car, about a foot from the tip of my headlights. Two seconds from what could've been a life changing, threatening - experience. Two seconds, a split into millis, and then, a miracle: my angel waking me up, my reflexes back on again and I hit the brakes. It was a haze and I had to stop by the roadside, put on my hazard lights, and pray.

Just about ten minutes before all this haze I was sitting beside my brother, on the way to bring him home from my work. I was telling him about an article I recently read that had an ad attached to it that said: “When you drive, you are responsible for life and limb.” It went on to tell a story about a young woman who died from a car accident after a party. She was instructed not to drink by her mom, and so she followed; but the man who hit her car, was drunk.

I had not a sip of alcohol. Orange juice, and maybe a trace of energy drink. I was probably just tired. I could have hit that wall. I would’ve crashed. It could have been another car. It could’ve been one of those trucks on late night transit. This whole article might have never been delivered to you.

But I didn’t.

What assurance does one have that one will not hit that wall in the next hour, month, year, moment, second?


So, be grateful, love fearlessly, be kind, take chances, and go beyond yourself and make it count. Life is only assuring you of the now, all else is but a dream that is yet to be defined.

My angel was with me tonight. I don't know what could've happened if I hit that wall.


Don't wait for the wall.