Growing up, my mom always told me that there are two things you always need to put on your face when heading out of the house: lips and eyebrows. For those like I, who find it difficult to put on lipstick on a daily basis (mainly because I like to gobble down food throughout the day, which ends up just messing with or completely taking my lip makeup out), putting on eyebrows is a must. How we do our eyebrows is one of the most important parts of any girl’s make up as it shapes our face - either to soften, or sharpen our features (depending on what we want / need). In this video I will show you how I usually do my everyday eyebrow makeup (not necessarily for shoots, and shows - since that kind of make up can be a bit more tricky) - but a basic, super-simple tutorial for everyday on the go girls, in my case, withstanding long working hours of radio, meetings, errands, and gigs at night.

Here I’m also featuring some of my most favourite K-Palette Products that includes a bit of coverage, eye makeup and of course, (on fleek, magical,) brows. The list of products used are on the video's description.

For your reference, here are different face shapes and their corresponding ideal brow shapes. (Tadah!)


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And remember, even with all the makeup and on fleek brows, a girl's prettiest feature will always be her curious eyes, kind heart, and filled soul. Stay beautiful!

For love, with love –