Forgive my lack of coherence; I guess I was too caught off-guard to have given this beautiful question justice.

Here is an idea: unoriginal, simple, and maybe even bordering vain - I answer your questions in video form, as I used to via hashtag #AskJoycekoday. I never really considered the idea, but since a lot of people online have told me that they appreciate and would like to hear what I have to say, here is this little project.

In the future, we hope to have guests that could be of help as well to some things that you'd like to find answers to. They might not be the right answers, but hearing other people's take on things is a wonderful way to grow a sense of empathy to people, to get to know yourself, and maybe even, hopefully, express your own ideas regarding topics we will be gathering from a pool of (anonymous or otherwise) random strangers and their queries, online.

Here is what I failed to express in this video:

What's the point of being in love? Absolutely nothing. If you flashback to generations ago, during an age that do not worry itself much with romance, only fix-ups that connote a collaboration of two willing families, passing on power, position, riches and the likes, one can come to the conclusion that majority of people who fall in love are falling right into a trap constructed by skewed standards and definitions of what 'love' is, or should be.

There is absolutely no point, but we find ourselves running around wishing for it to happen to us, anyway.

Falling in love is not important if you do not know what love is all about, and why so many of us are willing to take the (potentially) painful risk of 'falling' just to ultimately find ourselves 'in' it. The act itself does not, and can not, boast of reasons that will marvel, but the final curtain of it could. We fall in love to grab the chance of staying in love, of loving, more importantly - because there is no happiness in this world that can outshine that of loving, and being loved. It's the closest thing we have to magic.

This is my stream of unfiltered musing. What's yours? Tell us what you think and send in those questions via mail or on Twitter (don't forget #AskJoycekoday)!

For love, with love -