Better late, than later.

It's round about two months late, but one look at these photos and I am taken aback at how I vividly remember that night; that stage, ushering again another year as I hosted alongside Andrei Felix for Eastwood’s New Years Eve 2016.

Behind the scenes, that included a face cut-out of Tom Hiddleston as my NYE kiss, my grandma and the rest of my family all camping out to celebrate with me while I work. 

I promised myself I would write more this year and I haven't quite gotten around that - except for some songs and short prose, but all is well so far. It's crazy to think that these photos were shot just a couple of weeks back and already, the year has been looking so different. I hope the universe is kind on your side, and that your celebration welcoming the new year in was as exciting as mine and my family's.


Here's hoping it doesn't speed by us like it did last year.


With love and for love,