Long time no write! It's been an incredible year of traveling and of new adventures - so much so that I've barely had the time to write about it. Thank God for microblogging, that my Instagram is as updated as I'd wish for it to be. And I dont even want to start counting the amount of times I've told myself I'll write here more often, but here I am taking a swig at it again.


Let's start off with my trip to La Union as we were shooting for Escape TV. The episode isn't out yet, so just to give you a great recap that would hopefully encourage you to travel there soon: hiked through a scenic mountain to jump from a 30ft cliff onto cold water, ate lots of indescribably good food, and surfed with a hottie named Luke Landrigan

Here ye, snaps.

I also got the chance to do some pottery, meet awesome new friends (Hi Jo!) and sleep in my first ever hostel (I know, I couldn't believe I hadn't done it before, either.)

Setting the mood right for your next road trip, I hope. La Union is beautiful! I still can't believe sometimes the amount of ridiculously beautiful spots the Philippines cradles.

Always take that plunge for new adventures that will drive you out of your comfort zone and add another layer of specs on your eyes from which you may see the world differently.

Travel far and wide,