Through what will have to be the most egregious year of my life so far - I find a streak of dashing silver in that I get to celebrate Christmas with an everlasting hope in my heart. 

This season, I realised as I’ve gotten older, has the tendency to polarise people; we either fall in love with the mad rush of it all, or succumb into the darkest depths of unwelcome festivities. I for one have been struggling to get into the “Christmas spirit” — my personal life has been a storm-chasing of all sorts, and I’ve been toiling to keep my sanity, hold onto my Christian joy, and ride through the torrential outpour of heartbreak after heartbreak without losing heart. It hasn’t been easy, to say simply, but that’s exactly why I’m writing this anyway.

My deepest bouts of depression and the heaviest drag of my anxieties have taken over many moments of this year, but amidst it all I find Christ carrying me and keeping me in His grace and in His mercy, when I felt like completely giving up my hope over to the darkness of this world. Many times I wanted to either run back to, and stay in my sins, or just completely disappear without a warning - but God in His unrelenting love pulls me back into His arms, to an undeserved position of being called His beloved, His daughter, showered in peace and saved by grace - valued beyond my circumstances, despite my iniquities, and called to eternity to bask and worship in His glory. 

When I am stricken by despair, I am also reminded of His sufficiency. I am reminded of the definite mortality of this all, and the promise of eternal glory in Christ alone. For unto us a Child is born, and in that manger we saw the birth of our Saviour. The only hope mankind has in a world drowning in the thickness of sin, dejected beyond reprieve, is that Child’s ensuing life, death, and resurrection. 

Today as we enjoy the holidays, may we never forget the real Reason for this season; the only Way, Truth, and Life - our High Priest, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace; our hope, strength, and portion forever - Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. These gifts, experiences, our pains, this life - it will all eventually pass away, and what will only really matter are things eternal. May we always remember that.

Merry Christmas, Jesus loves you. Let us celebrate His birth as He has given us new life. 

With love, always -