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Joyce to the World: Two Awesome Places to Try in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Joyce to the World: Two Awesome Places to Try in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

It has been an incredibly busy past couple of months, spending weeks in and out of Manila - working out of town, traveling abroad, and basically hustling my way through 2018. What has been a great blessing in my life is being able to do what I love, hosting and singing, and merging it with a passion I had found in 2014: TRAVEL.



We all need some time off to unplug and rewire our brains so we could be healthy despite the intoxicating schedules a busy work life entails. Recently I was able to do a little bit of both - work and recuperate. It is always a pleasure to back in my absolute favourite place in the Philippines - Palawan! 

I had the chance to host and sing for the opening of Balayong Grill & Bar, and Anibong Restaurant located in Best Western Plus The Ivywall Hotel (Puerto Princesa, Palawan). The last time I was in this place was 2016 and I remember hoping to come back and see it even more developed. I wanted to discover new hotels, places to go to for food, and also a cool spot to hang out in at night after all the adventures we take in the island during the day, so it was wonderful to be part of this great event.


I’d like to thank the whole staff and team for making my super short stay wonderful. The requests I made were met with the most courteous, prompt and delighted responses. I was also able to eat the best giant baked mussels I’ve ever had, plus some great new dishes exclusive to Anibong and Balayong, made lovingly by the talented (and might I add - super charming) Chef Sau Del Rosario. To make it all even better, we were also treated to some wonderful music by Itchyworms and Rico Blanco (and Joyce Pring - kung sino man yun. Haha.). It was the most recharging 2-day stay I’ve had in a while and I’m indebted to the world-class food, facility, and team behind the hotel and its freshly opened bar and restaurant.


I’ll be sure to come back very soon. Maraming salamat muli, Balayong Grill & Bar and Anibong Restaurant! To find out more about what's happening in Balayong, click here.