Oh wow, Bangkok!

So, my first time in Bangkok, together with my best friend, Tin, and my Joyce Pring TV boys, was a breeze. And not because everything went entirely smoothly (we’ll get to that later).

“But like, HOW?” you might ask.

So you know when you’re planning a trip and sometimes it really takes sooo much time, energy, and resources to you know, PLAN IT?! What to do, what to see, who to see, what to eat, where to eat, how to eat it, whether you should eat it, and just about everything you need to do if you ever plan on leaving your hotel room.

Well, thanks to our amazing friends over at KLOOK, all I needed to do was lift a finger (literally, one finger), tap, tap, tap away…and Bangkok was mine to explore.

Just a quick intro into this magical app that pretty much did everything for us except physically bringing us to each place, which I guess they can’t do because teleportation isn’t a thing yet (Where are we on that, Elon Musk?).

It’s as easy as choosing the destination you want to get to—in this case, Bangkok!—and from there, a list of tours, activities, and popular attractions come up and all you’ve got to do is choose what you want to do, or what you can stomach.

And by tours, activities, and attractions, I really mean the whole shebang; you can pick the dates when you’re in Bangkok and see what you can do that day—there are variety shows, museums, aquariums, heritage sights, tuk tuk tours, zoos, musicals, plays, theme parks, cruises, live muay thai events, galleries, elephant care day…the list is almost endless!

What I also really like about KLOOK is that the tours and activities are curated—and curated well—to fit a variety of budgets and preferences so that you won’t have to sift through thousands and thousands of Internet searches and accidentally pick what seems like a nice, family tour and suddenly end up in a fighting pit betting on street fighters in the middle of the Bangkok underground—which I’d just like to clear up, was NOT what happened to us. Unfortunately.

Ha! I kid, I kid. Ehem, moving on…

And KLOOK doesn’t just show you what to do and where to go but they help you all the way with hassle-free booking so that you can book your chosen activities, at a good price, and get your tickets and mobile vouchers pretty lightning fast.

And with only two full days to explore Bangkok, we needed lightning fast.

See more of our adventures on my blogpost over at Klook's website.