Hello Interwebz,


It’s been quite a long while since these blank blog pages have been filled - especially coming from (a gorgeous, life-changing, not-spent-long-enough, but will eventually be retold in these very spaces) UK trip - but here I am again. Hi there.


Just recently I’ve been traveling a lot, and being home now makes me feel away-sick; you know, longing to wander when you’ve to stay put. I guess it helps that we’re quite lucky living in the Philippines where we’ve access to all sorts of cuisines, food, and drink specialties from different countries. Exhibit A: Cocio Chocolate Milk drink!


I posted about it on my Instagram and since then a couple of friends, online and in real life, have asked me why I’ve all of a sudden switched to this Danish drink from my usual. Well, aside from it being preservatives-free (just cocoa, milk and natural sugar), UTZ Certified (which means sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet), it also is just a bottle filled with nothing but great taste that comes in two flavours - Cocio Classic (milky, lighter variant) and Cocio Dark (my favourite, bolder variant).


Hopefully soon we get to share a bottle of Cocio together, and I can daydream about travels while drinking from home.


If you want to find out more about Cocio (recently launched and widely available in the Philipines!) you can check out their social media accounts @cocioph and on Facebook www.facebook.com/CocioPh! Don’t forget to share with me your #NothingBut great Cocio experience on Twitter and Instagram. 


Cocio gift packs sent to the station are much appreciated. :P

Til next,