Yellow Room Sessions is my attempt to recording more music with our band, Group Hug, in the Yellow Room studios which our lead guitarist, Monty Macalino, owns and operates. I really believe they're one of the best recording / rehearsal studios around, and now that they have two branches - Alabang and Ortigas - it's so much easier for people to reach them.

We'll try to record more of these stuff very soon but of course we had to kick this season off with something from Paramore. Everyone in the band (esp Monty and I) are fans of Paramore, me specifically Hayley, and it's just really fun to make our own version of this track. Admittedly not the best vocal performance I've done in a while, but proudly our own sound, nonetheless.

The footage is all thanks to NMFtv! :) Tell me what you think in the comments below, and send in song requests, if you'd like, too.