After 21 years, I, Joyce Pring, of legal age, (relatively) sound mind, functioning body, and a slightly calloused heart, finally got a hold of my passport - and as fate would have it, flew quickly on a solo trip out of the country.

I figured this was the nearest and safest place to travel alone for the first time and I was right: Singapore was an amazing experience as I was able to walk, breathe in and around its cities, meet its people, bump into a couple of friends and get my needed dose of diverse culture, heritage, art, food, and an exhausting but thoroughly fun game of taking selfies (as I was traveling alone and had no one to take them for me).

I’m not really one to go into specifics of how my days went, except that I randomly got in and out of the train stations, walked until there was nothing else to discover, then went onto the next stop. From trying local eateries, testing if I could context clues my way in eavesdropping local lingo, getting hit on by a handsome Indian boy, saying hello and engaging in conversation with fellow travellers and some locals, going through stores and never figuring out what to buy, stoping and praying in temples, I did most everything a local would do on (what I assumed) a daily basis. I had felt this was the only way I could truly experience a new place.

Traveling alone was a liberating experience. I got lost, only to find out I was right where I’m supposed to be.

I love you, Singapore! Thanks and see you soon. :)