Finally, it's here! An active, all-encompassing look at the many adventures I take in everyday shenanigans. A look into my life through segments that I've done and produced with the amazing folks over at NMFtv. 

For the first episode of this online show, I did FOUR videos. And yup, we'll be releasing more, every month. Hopefully you could check out and subscribe to the YouTube channel if you find it interesting (sidenote: frustrated YouTube star - wannabe! Hahahaha), and check out the Facebook fanpage for specific updates on the show.

1. What's In My Bag

To say the least, I'm not a light packer.

2. #AskJoycekoday

One of my most favorite episodes with MC Marga (Marga on the Mic) 

3. Gig Behind the Scenes

A BTS segment before singing for a gig in Valkyrie with DJ Mars Miranda and guitarist Mong Alcaraz.

4. Tattoo Meanings

Will have to be one of the more personal videos I've done - talking about the meanings behind my tattoos.

So here it goes. A great amount of things go on in my everyday life and I share with you these videos in hopes that we can all rally each other to be the best versions of ourselves and work towards making this world a better place one soul at a time - starting with yours, and mine.

With love and for love,