As coined by our friend, Jianne, a beaut - Filipina, but grew up in the UK. With the thickest, poshest of accents that drops completely when she whips out her wonderful not-so-Pinoy one.

After spending a couple of days in Edinburgh (favorite city in the world - watch out for it in my next post), Claud and I jumped on the train to Leeds to spend two days and nights. It was such a great trip I barely got to take photos; this makes me a great traveler, but on a whole different level of bad on the travel blog.

In any case, YOU have to visit Leeds. It's a mini London up north, and man do they have a great night life. We jumped from one pub to another in Call Lane, got a couple of drinks in and powered through the biting cold - feet calloused from dancing and wobbling through crowds.

Manahatta State of Mind x Revolution x The Alchemist x all else

We probably hit around 7 pubs and clubs in the two nights we were there - and this post can never do justice to the heaps of fun and dancing we did that weekend. What great looking people we met, too, and danced with. There was also this posh spot called Alchemist that we we went to - before we went back dancing with the rest of Leeds.

I miss Leeds just writing about it now.

I hope you go places that take a piece of you and keep it forever, like Leeds have done to me, same way that I've taken a bit of Leeds to draw from me, forever: how the DJ is your friend, that it's okay to dance and make new friends, that it's hella difficult to find a toilet around the area so you better pee before attempting to walk to the next spot, that when the local says it's a 5-min walk it's probably 15, and most importantly - the best nights out are with girlfriends who comprise #AsianPersuasion who will drag you to the cab home and eat brunch while watching Rugby with you the next morning.

Thank you to Jianne for letting us crash in her apartment, and Claudine, for making me take this trip to Leeds, to begin with. Love you both.