Remnants from 2016: Cebu and Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

There are a couple more of these coming your way. It's hard to upkeep a text-heavy website / blog when I'm always up and about, traveling, working, and too damn controlling to ask an intern do it for me.

I love these places and the stories that water its pavements and give it life. I wish I could take more photos. Or, maybe, better photos. The trick is to find balance between letting loose of your camera enough to bask in the moment, and holding it up for the right moments. In any case, here are two things I hold very dear to my heart - spontaneity and travel.

I was in Cebu for a show - singing on the set of one of my best friends, DJ Nina - donning funky outfits and an even funkier hair and makeup, trying to jump around the stage in 5-inch heels. I flew in the morning to perform early afternoon, and was supposed to leave by night, until I decided otherwise.

The sea was calling, demanding a response. Manila could wait. I went out that night and met up with my brother's friend (whom I've never met), had dinner and drink with some Cebuano friends - then jumped on the boat next morning looking for islands near the Queen City of the South.

Here are some photos.

From the boat adventures, where Rizza, right when we docked - injured herself and needed medical attention. 

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Who drives to the beach and stays overnight without even swimming in the darn water?


And Nina and Tin.

The architecture was amazing at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, and we had the privilege of going into one of the exclusive mansions because we met the Don Acuzar himself. I felt so posh after trotting in their *marbled floors and mahogany walls.

*not sure if made in either but you get the point.

Two of the smartest, kindest, craziest women you'll ever meet. One is getting married. The other one isn't necessarily inclined to. Sometimes you realize that the company is even better than the destination when a choice had to be made between exploring or staying in bed, and we napped the afternoon away after downing their Filipino meals (room-serviced) then slept before 12mn.

What I'm trying to say is - seek adventure. Whether it be the place you go to, or the people you are with. Make your hours count and listen to your heart.

Sometimes all you need is a rebooked plane ticket or one night being lulled by the sound of crashing sea.