Here was a girl who laid her heart upon the earth

and clasped her wrists with dusted skies

of denim beds and star-struck eyes


Who kissed you quickly, then, good bye

And drew you swiftly in lullabies


She danced upon the skin you let

Sit right above her messy bed

She told the world about your smile

Just right before she ran a mile


And took away

The love you thought

Would carry you

From wars unsought


Here was a boy so crisp, it’s true

He holds your hand as if he’s looking right at you

And grabs your heart right by the sleeve

And plays your song right on repeat


There is no wave that’s gotten closer

And none has braved his soul that’s bolder

And thicker

And brighter

Than any moon will ever be

I looked upon him

But he couldn't see me


Here is my heart I swear it’s true

After all this time, it’s still with you

Sitting right by the corner

Where it had been left

There is no other

One that could connect


If there had been patterns

and passwords

and puzzles of any sorts

I had run out of keys

I no longer have retorts


Just hello again, 

and how have you been?

While the moon still shines,

Won’t you let me in?