“Things To Stop Doing In Your 20’s” Ep. 1 SHOW NOTES from the podcast:

We all know adulting can be quite the struggle: from paying your own bills, dealing with your boss, to just figuring out what the heck is going on. In this first episode, we share a list of things to stop doing as you traverse through one of the toughest periods in life, your twenties! In this list, you will find five main things to avoid, namely: bad habits such as drinking and gossiping, going back to your ex, living on social media, comparing yourself to others and finally, self-doubt.

1. Stop your bad habits

○ Stop anything that’s unhealthy for your mental, emotional and physical

well-being. If something’s not bettering you, don’t invest your time on it. Some

examples are avoiding alcohol, overspending, being late and gossiping.

○ If you don’t want to be gossiped about, don’t gossip about other people.

Sometimes, we get caught in the crossfire with friends who are gossiping. Do not

be afraid to just be honest and gently tell them that you would rather not be part

of the conversation.

○ It may always be traffic in the Philippines, but that should never be an excuse to

be late. Being on time is a sign of professionalism and respect. .

○ It’s easy to get carried away with spending once you start earning. Stop spending

your money on unnecessary food, clothes or panlilibre and start saving up. One

tip that you can use to know if something is within your budget is assessing if you

can afford buying 3 of that specific item.

2. Stop going back to your ex

○ This is something that applies to ALL relationships, not just romantic ones

○ Never go back to a toxic relationship from the past just because it’s comfortable

and familiar.

○ Don’t stay with people who don’t love you the way you want to be loved.

○ Always remember that there’s a reason why the relationship ended. Even if the

person reaches out, you don’t have to circle back to them. Just respond

courteously and kindly.

3. Stop living on social media

○ Social media can be a great outlet to express your creativity, but there’s a fine

line between using and living on social media.

○ Some signs that you are living on social media are: making it your #1 priority to

document and post events, comparing yourself to others and spending too much

time on it.

○ One must always remember that social media is not real life, its REEL. The real

life is outside of our screens, it’s within the relationships and adventures that we


4. Stop comparing yourself to others

○ As women, we have a tendency to nitpick our flaws and compare it to the best

parts of another person.

○ “Don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself to who you were yesterday”

- Jordan Peterson

○ Stop looking at other people for competition, the only improvement you should be

focusing on is being a better version of yourself every single day.

5. Stop doubting yourself

○ Slow down and start counting your blessings. Reflect on the things you are

grateful for, the people you are grateful to, and the achievements that you are

proud of.

Psalm 78:72 “With upright heart he shepherded them and guided them with his

skillful hand.”

○ With anything you do, you need to remember these two things. First, that your

heart and motives are in the right place and second, that you are capable of

achieving what you want.

○ Make an effort to constantly improve yourself and learn something new everyday.

This could be something as simple as learning a new bible verse or writing on

your gratitude journal.

○ Rely completely on God and His plans. If your entire being is rooted in Christ,

there is nothing to worry about.

Stay tuned for more episodes and don’t forget to use the hashtag #AdultingWithPring if you have any comments or suggestions for future topics!

Episode summary by Jacy Olivares

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