It's refreshing to be back in front of the camera with NMFtv, even more so as I start a new show dutifully called Joyce to the World. It's always so exciting to venture into new things, and having done podcasts for more than 4 years now (with NMF, too!), I'm excited and scared to start hosting solo for the first time ever.

But as any new adventures, it's always good to start things off with someone who is the same type of (entertaining) crazy. So happy to have had the pleasure of guesting Aaron Atayde on the show for our pilot episode. He's my radio partner and one of my best friends in the world. He is an amazing human being (swear I'm not writing this just because he's right beside me now), plays the saxophone, stands taller and is far better looking than he thinks, dances like a drunk caucasian even when sober, opens the door for women even when he doesn't have to, knows what the f Yves St Laurent is, gives sound advice he doesn't ever apply in his own life, is smarter than what he lets other people find out...basically he's great (and single!) and I'm really lucky to start off the season with him on board. (Get it?!)

This was an AaronxJoyce day where we spent the whole afternoon shooting for the show and eventually started driving towards La Salle to give a talk on - wait for it - LOVE.

Also had the chance to do #AskJoycekoday with Aaron! My most favorite segment. This was shot right around Valentine's season so I must warn you - too much (unnecessary) feels and information, but lots of tidbits of wisdom, too!

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Love you, Aaron! Check him out online: 



Snapchat: a.atayde