I may have run out of words to describe just how unfathomable it was for me to have met my only, and ultimate crush randomly on one faithful day in New York City - but the great thing is I’ve got a video to explain how it all happened.


I don’t really believe in “The Secret”, as my friends have always coined this highly unlikely experience, but I do know that I’m one lucky girl who just happened to be at the place, and in perfect time.


What I think I failed to reiterate and emphasise, though, was how much Tom Hiddleston didn’t really need to stay in that place and spend time taking photos and signing random merchandise with / for his fans, but did. And did so kindly and generously, to the point that it had me thinking about how much effort we really put in to be nice even when it isn’t required of us.


Such an exhilarating experience, and some parts of it are a blur - but what I do remember was my inner romantic being revived; to have met a man I so thoroughly adore, and have him exceed every magical expectation I had.


Tom, me meeting you is as highly unlikely (but obviously not impossible) as you seeing this blog post. And I don’t wish for you to take notice or even spend time - but I hope you know that you are doing such a wonderful job setting the standard not only for celebrities but also for men in general - how gentle, and kind, and clever, and warm, one can truly be - how earnest and articulate and so very open, even in such a crucially vicious industry. My life may not compare with yours being on such a bigger stage - but if one like you could be so generous towards the small group of people who took photos with you that day, imagine what more we could do as well, on a day to day basis.


I hope you continue to shine, and I pray that the Lord will guide you always, all ways.

Even when you're snakehips-dancing and walking around butt naked in your movies.





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