Global Youth Summit 2016

Still on a high. What an absolute pleasure and honor to have spoken alongside many admirable influencers and speakers from all over the world. Being called to speak to the youth and having the amazing experience of telling my story that is, aiming for a continuous process of Passion, Perseverance and Purpose, was an absolute thrill. I’m still overwhelmed every time I meet anybody from that day who tells me that they loved my topic and that it spoke to them and made them think because it serves as a reminder of how blessed I am to be provided with a platform that, if used wisely, purposefully and with so much love, could be of such positive impact.


I’ve been reading Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work! and loved one of the first few concepts that he shared: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A GENIUS. And that’s exactly what I felt like getting on that stage. I’m no genius and I certainly have not achieved anything marginally impactful as those with whom I shared the title of being a ‘speaker’ that day, but the argument that I tried to fight for was that you and I need not be Picassos or Bachs or Eisteins before we can move and aim to make this world a better place - the world doesn’t require another genius to make it a better place. 


Sometimes all we need are passionate, persevering, purposeful individuals who, if we are lucky, decide to build sceniuses that could propel positivity and global change. 


So here I am now, trying to balance so many things on my plate - from being a radio jock, TV & events host, musician, et al - constantly growing in the process of create and re-create, and hoping you realise that we all need to lift each other up towards whatever goal we intend to achieve.


When we look at it from a different perspective, the biggest changes we see are always those that sprout from within us. Check out my whole talk in the video below - I hope it helps you ask the right questions, and remember that the world needs passionate young individuals hungry to make a difference.


The Art of Social Success is finding the right balance between becoming adamant in improving ourselves and sharing to the world that improvement onstage and off - with the biggest crowds, or sometimes, in the small audiences we find everywhere else; through random conversations, a tweet away, or the relationships we build everyday. Check out John Robert Powers and the classes that they offer to equip you on how you may be able to express yourself better - on stage, online, and everywhere else in between. It’s going to be a great and fun learning experience that can start with you checking them out here for Facebook  and here for Instagram.

May you always overflow!

With love and for love,