Last night I had the absolute best time as I was reunited with one of the most amazing people I met during my stay in the UK - Jianne! She and I were introduced through our common girl friend, Claud, and it's just fun being able to kind of exchange places as we went around Manila, kind of like how they took me around in Leeds when I was there. 

I think it's so important to stay in communication with our friends and loved ones, wherever we are in the world. Even though it can get difficult when distance, time, workload, or other factors become a hindrance - there are many ways to stay in touch and keep connected. My favorite thing will always be having great conversations and sharing stories that I feel enrich relationships and help us personally grow. I used to sometimes have a hard time speaking out as I'd always get so conscious with what people would think but now I've learned that stepping out of our little comfort zones and learning new things make us build our characters. 

Sandwiched between Jianne (left) and Claudine (right).

Sandwiched between Jianne (left) and Claudine (right).

For many like myself, once so shelled up - reading books, traveling, meeting new people, going in to seminars and classes - all help in personal development. Just like how going to John Robert Powers and attending some of the courses they offer could enrich our knowledge and ways on how we interact with people.

Art of Social Success is such an empowering course that could help in building confidence to discover more about yourself and maximize your potential. The more we know about ourselves and develop our own talents and traits, the closer we get to  achieving our goals and reaching for our dreams! So I hope this serves as a reminder to always aim to become the best versions of ourselves. I can't wait to tell you more about my adventures, and the summer course that I took in Oxford after this visit in Leeds, but for now, you may check out John Robert Powers to get on that course and onto the right track of growing and overflowing - here for Facebook , here for Instagram.


With love and for love,